Make your own cat repellent sprinkler with cheap, “off-the-shelf” parts in 45 minutes!

Do you have cats prowling your backyard, birds stealing fish from your pond or even a family pet going somewhere they shouldn’t? – Then this easy DIY project is for you!

These easy to follow, picture filled instructions will guide you through the process of making your own motion activated , water spray cat deterrent with cheap, readily available parts.

The basic version of the project can be put together in as little as 45 minutes, for under $15.00 in parts and just a few simple tools.

Whether you are making it as a humane pest deterrent, to prank someone or as a fun project to do with the kids, these instructions have been written for people of any DIY skill level – even newbies.

I have created instructions for 2 variations of the build:

  • The “Basic Build”
    • It’s quick and cheap to make with only a few simple hand tools, but lacks durability for long term outdoor use.
    • Parts Cost: under $15.00
    • Build Time: Approx 45 minutes
  • The “Advanced Build”
    • Way more durable, can be switched from either mains power or run on batteries & can be easily mounted to a tripod & other standard camera mounts i.e. clamps & suction cups.
    • Parts Cost: Approx $20.00
    • Build Time: Approx 1.5 to 2 hours

I really wanted this project to be something practical, but also super easy for people to take on, who may not have attempted a DIY project like this before.

Because of this I spent a great deal of spare time (over a period of two years) carefully putting these instructions together with clear pictures throughout – you could almost follow the book without knowing how to read English.

The instructions are now available as an ebook via Amazon

How does this device work? 

When a target walks past this device, a motion sensor detects the Infra-red heat from their body. This triggers water to be sprayed from your connected garden hose giving the target a nice drenching, to persuade them to move on.

This project uses common garden irrigation fittings that can be arranged into almost any imaginable spray configuration to suit your needs. 

Being so cheap to build it also makes it very affordable to have more than one unit operating in your backyard…or home! 

Use it indoors!

What? Yes you can even use this indoors without water by pairing it with a sound buzzer rather than garden hose!
This could be used to train your dog not to enter a particular room or to stop your cat from scratching the corner of a certain piece of furniture. 

Use this Project to:

For years cats have been urine spraying on the doors of my house. The smell then travels through the whole house – I had to make a solution

• Deter Backyard Pests – Cats, Dog’s Squirrels, Bears, Possums, Raccoons 
• Stop a pet dog digging in a certain part of the garden. 
• Keep ducks off your pool 
• Stop birds taking fish from your a fish pond. 
•Stop a cat scratching a specific piece of furniture 
•Keep birds from sitting on a window ledge 
• Prank friends or family 
• School science project or summer water game for the kids. 
• Keep door-to-door salesmen away.

It’s not only for deterring animals

With a little imagination and few extra parts there are a huge variety of additional ways it can be used around your home including: 

In summer the kids & their friends love playing a game where they try to sneak past the water spray without being detected- so far it has always ended in a cool drenching.
  • A “virtual” barrier / training aid for pets or farm animals. 
  • An automatic refilling water bowl for your pet 
  • A walk through mist cooling station. 
  • An automatic spray for a pool water slide to save water & power. 
  • A wireless driveway buzzer / alarm. 

Way more adaptable than shop bought sprinkler repellents

This project uses common garden irrigation fittings that can be arranged into almost any imaginable spray configuration and motion detection angle to suit your needs.

Expensive commercial versions of this concept can only spray a wide outdoor area.

For example you can have a targeted spray within a narrow outdoor entertaining area -so you don’t wet all your furniture, or you can have wide spray over a fish pond to scare birds away, or you could even have it turn on your entire existing sprinkler system when an animal or person enters your yard.

Being so cheap to build it also makes it very affordable to have more than one unit operating in your backyard…or home

I have also made a video giving a very basic overview on how to make the “Basic Build” jump on YouTube channel and be sure to subscribe as I will soon be posting the results video of me using this motion activated sprinkler repellent to tackle my own cat problem

Thanks for supporting my ebook & my YouTube Channel – More videos coming soon.


Craig Turner – Turnah81

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